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Confederates drop season opener against the Blue Jays in Dubbo

DUBBO’S bid to make the finals of the 2015 women’s Premier League Hockey competition got off to the best possible start on Saturday, with the Blue Jays scoring a goal in each half to land a 2-0 win over Confederates at Pioneer Park.
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With former coach Craig Johnston back at the helm the Dubbo side dominated for large periods of the match but were never fully comfortable until an Alisa Shaw goal with 10 minutes remaining in the second stanza sealed the win.

Alex Waters, who battled late in 2014 with a knee injury, returned to the squad opened the scoring in the first five minutes of the contest, capitalising on a turnover to give the home side the lead.

They should have doubled the lead shortly after when they earned a penalty stroke however Feds ‘keeper Stephanie Hinds was able to deflect Emma Corcoran’s shot to keep her side in the contest.

Both sides swapped opportunities until the half-hour mark when the game was delayed for a small period when Feds defender Samantha Stevenson suffered a serious ankle injury and had to be helped from the pitch.

Stevenson was visibly upset as she sat in the dugout before being conveyed to hospital via ambulance for further assessment.

Both sides regrouped and played the game out to half-time, with Dubbo carrying their one-goal advantage into the break.

The game opened up in the second stanza as the warm conditions tested the fitness levels of both sides.

Feds’ missed a couple of opportunities as young Blue Jays keeper Lilli Campbell stood up to the test in her first premier league match before before Shaw put the result beyond doubt when she capitalise on some lazy defence inside the Feds’ circle.

“It was really just a couple of moments that let us down there. It’s something to work on,” Confederates coach Mark Pengilly said afterwards.

“Dubbo are always hard to beat up here and you have to take your chances. We didn’t do that today

and we gave them a couple of chances they did take.

“I was really proud of how the girls reacted after Sam went down. Sometimes a team can drop their bundle but the girls stuck at it and we’ll learn from that game and hopefully keep improving.

“Last year was a rough one for us but this week we actually had to select a team because we had more players available than we could play which is a good sign.”

For Dubbo, rookie skipper Aimee Davies was a rock in defence and admitted she was pleased to get a win on the board so early.

“Home games early in the season are important and to get a win and keep a clean sheet was a big effort,” Davies said.

“We’ve got a pretty young side again this year but most of those younger players have had a couple of years of Premier League under their belt now and we want to make finals.

“To do that we need to win games and we’ve started the right way.”

DUBBO BLUE JAYS 2 (Alex Waters, Alisa Shaw goals) def ORANGE CONFEDERATES 0

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Plan to grow region

MILDURA Tourism will carry out a feasibility study to determine whether a long list of proposed projects have scope to get the green light.
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STRATEGY: Mildura Tourism will develop a master plan to set out opportunities for the city.

Recently there has been new and ongoing public advocacy for numerous projects and proposals including a motor sports hub, riverfront dining, Mungo National Park upgrades and a purpose-built convention centre.

As part of its three-year strategic plan, Mildura Tourism identified a need to develop a universally-accepted master plan that sets out opportunities for the city, taking into account what is achievable and viable.

Mildura Tourism CEO Rod Trowbridge said relevant government, industry and business partners would be consulted over the Tourism Destination Management Plan which would be drafted following a feasibility study.

The latest strategic plan for 2015 to 2017 also identified the need for Mildura to be recognised as a major Australian city and, in turn, attract more visitors to the area.

“Mildura Tourism’s objective remains to position our region as a modern and vibrant destination that is continually growing, evolving and improving,” Mr Trowbridge said.

“We need to increase visitation and resultant business yield, delivering stronger economic benefits which in turn can fuel investment in new infrastructure and attractions.”

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Anglicare’s plea to restock pantry for city’s many people in need

RESTOCKING: The pantry is not yet bare but Anglicare administration support worker Christie McGuirk is calling on people to send in donated food, particularly long-life staples, so they can continue to provide emergency food to people in need.Photo: TANYA MARSCHKE 0301tmanglicare1FOLLOWING a busy few months Anglicare is calling for donations of long-life, easy-to-prepare food to give to people in need.
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Anglicare administration support worker Christie McGuirk said the not-for-profit organisation was running out of food to give to people as emergency meals and needed to restock its pantry.

She said there had been a high demand during the Christmas period.

“We want anything non-perishable, anything ranging from toiletries, deodorants, baby food, anything that’s not perishable,” Ms McGuirk said.

“We cater for a diverse range of people.”

Ms McGuirk said the food was usually for emergency meals for up to two nights, and people were referred by Family and Community Services, Centrelink, the Salvation Armyand more recently St Vincent de Paul.

Items that are in particular demand include pasta and rice that can go with canned food already stocked in the Anglicare pantry. Items such as toilet paper are also useful.

The pantry initiative has been running for about 13 or 14 months to help low-income people.

“It would be really nice if some of the bigger organisations could help or leave a donation so we can go shopping as well,” Ms McGuirk said.

Food and supplies can be dropped off at the Central Western Daily at 132 Kite Street, Orange or at Anglicare at 1 Hampden Avenue between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

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‘Ignorance no excuse’

THE fire danger season will come to a close tomorrow, but authorities are warning people not to be complacent.
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CAUTION: Mallee Catchment District 18 CFA operations officer Robin McNally warns people not to get complacent as the fire danger period comes to a close.

Since October 27, 2014 when the fire danger season started, local fire authorities have had a steady year, according to District 18 Mallee Catchment CFA operations officer Robin McNally.

“We had a range of fire activity both on public and private land,” he said.

“Luckily, none eventuated into larger fires.”

Mr McNally said the CFA had utilised a large number of resources to keep those incidents under control.

He said he was thankful the fire danger period was not as busy as the previous year.

“We don’t want another year like that,” he said.

Mr McNally said although the fire danger period would end this week, it paid for residents to be vigilant with warm weather continuing and plenty of dry fuel around.

He said there was still the usual onus on landholders before burning off to contact the Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority, notify their neighbours beforehand, create fire breaks and have adequate firefighting equipment. Those in the irrigation district also still need council approval to conduct burnoffs.

It is also imperative that weather conditions for the day and the next couple of days after the burnoff are suitable for the activity to ensure a burnoff does not result in a bushfire.

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No council budget information session

A councillor has unsuccessfully tried to hold an information workshop with the community about council’s annual budget. Photo: Southern Highland NewsA COUNCILLOR has unsuccessfullytried to hold an information workshopwith the community about council’sannual budget.
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Councillor Ian Scandrett put forwarda notice of motion for council to hold apublic workshop where communitymembers could ask council employeesquestions about the budgets, councilaccounts and Fit for the Future.

“With the pressures on our financesand planning, I think it would be aworthwhile exercise to hold these sessionsso that people can come alongand ask questions of staff and councilin terms of our budget,” Cr Scandrettsaid.

“I would think this may pay some dividendsbecause if there are to be somehard decisions to be made in our budgetpre consulting them, discussing itwith the community might yield somepositive outcomes.”

However, councillors were quick todisapprove of the motion.

CouncillorJim Clark said the public weren’t”greatly interested” in the budget.

“The way it works with local governmentis you do all the hard yards, youget elected and one of the things youdo is you make decisions about thebudget,” Cr Clark said.

“You have to go through the budgetline by line, page by page, the publicdon’t have to do that, they elected youto do that.”

Councillor Garry Turland was notsupportive of the motion and said itwas an “election campaign”, which CrGair agreed with.

“I think it is self promotion really,” CrGair said.

“When you put forward thesenotices of motions, ask yourself withinyourself, what is the purpose? Is it

about me or is it about the community?Because in my opinion, this is reallynot about the community.”

The motion was lost with Cr Gair notinghis “disappointment” with supportersof the motion.

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Fem a poster girl for Joe Hockey’s plan to keep people in the workforce

LOVE MY WORK: Fem Hawke, who is almost 70, says she wants to keep working for as long as possible. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0306sgfem1FEM Hawke, 69, has been working for 53 years and says she can’t envisage a time when she won’t be going to work.
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“I just absolutely love work and I always have,” she said.

Mrs Hawke, who could perhaps be a role model for Treasurer Joe Hockey’s plan to keep people in the workforce for longer, started work fresh out of school at the age of 17 and for 10 years worked at CBN Channel 8 before starting her own giftware business in Sale Street.

“I enjoy the stimulation of conversation and the friendships you make through working and even today I still love retail,” she said.

Even after selling the business belonging to herself and her husband Courtney to their daughter, Mrs Hawke has maintained an active interest.

“You do get tired when you are working in retail,” she said.

Mrs Hawke said while she wanted to keep on working as long as she could, she and her husband always had a retirement plan.

“Courtney did have a succession plan in place for when I turned 60 and even though I just love coming into work the reality is that it is physically very tiring,” she said.

Mrs Hawke said, however, she didn’t know if Mr Hockey’s plan for working longer in the future would be feasible for manual workers.

“I have seen some of the men working on the site behind us at the business and they work incredibly hard on a physical level,” she said.

“Some of them are not all that young and I imagine it would be difficult to maintain that level as you get older.”

Mrs Hawke appreciates there are many more challenges for business owners today compared to the time she opened her gift store in the 1970s.

“These days for people who own a business, not only do they have to work hard all day, when they come home at night they have all the pressures of compliance such as keeping up with their business activity statements – it makes for a very long working day,” she said.

At 81, George White said he too enjoyed the social contact that came from going to work every day.

“I started work when I was 17 on my father’s orchard – mind you I didn’t get paid for two years so I moved into driving trucks which I have done for 63 years,” he said.

“I just can’t sit at home and do nothing – I would go stupid.”

Mr White has slowed down a little lately as the result of a cataract operation and chemotherapy for six months, but he said he was raring to go again and only had a few days off work, with his sons helping him in his part-time cardboard collection business.

“I just love being out and about meeting people,” he said.

Mr White doesn’t think Mr Hockey’s new intergenerational plan will be popular in some quarters.

“There are some bludgers out there who don’t want to work but just want the dole, so they are not going to be happy,” he said.

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‘Road work needed’

AFTER the first months of a Victorian Labor Government there are “pluses, minuses and still things to do”, according to member for Mildura Peter Crisp.
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Pluses and minuses: Peter Crisp is pleased with Labor’s action on freight rail but country roads remain a problem.

Today marks 100 days since Premier Daniel Andrews led Labor to victory on November 29.

Mr Crisp listed a commitment on Mildura freight rail as a positive, but said he was still “concerned” about the state of country roads.

The Nationals’ MP said the axing of the Coalition’s Country Roads and Bridges Program would see road maintenance funding across the state drop by up to $370 million over the next five years.

The government last month announced the $35.8 million Stronger Country Bridges Program and the $50 million Safer Country Crossings Program.

“I have concerns about country road maintenance in the VicRoads network and local government network,” Mr Crisp said. “The government is yet to make a useful and substantial commitment to country roads.”

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Twins and triplets multiply the fun

PHOTOS: Multiple Births Awareness Week
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FAMILIES were seeing double and in some cases triple at Rose’s Vineyard on Sundayto kick off Multiple Birth Awareness Week.

Midcoast Multiples is only in its third year, but it’s already attracted more than 70 families from the Hastings and Macleay valleys.

The junior members range in age from just a few weeks of age to 16 years, while one member has two sets of twins under 10.

The animal enclosures were the places to be yesterday as twins and triplets of different species rubbed hands and hooves.

Organiser Madeline Rex said amid the hubbub that such social occasions were just one aspect of what the young group does.

“Understanding is the unique thing [here],” she said.

“It’s such an overwhelming experience to have multiple newborns at home.

“And just to have someone who has been there before, who gets it, who can be a shoulder to cry on is great.”

Organiser Grace Walker said the growing community looks after one another, especially during tough times.

“We’re the kind of people who turn up at each other’s houses with food, with nappies, we’re always sharing,” she said.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association wants mental health and parents’ coping skills to be leading conversations this week.

Spokeswoman Ali Mountifield pointed to research showing mothers of multiples’ risk of developing depression is nearly double that of other mums.

“Many people don’t know about the mental health benefits of joining a support group – it can be a great place to access your community, find services and practical tips or resources and social events.”

Midcoast Multiples fulfilled all these roles and more yesterday, with organiser Justine Trembath extolling the virtues of mentors in the group.

“It’s good to have older twins around because they’ve been through it, and it’s always good to get advice,” Mrs Trembath said.

Despite the bar being raised yesterday – it’s difficult to conceive anything cuter than triplet toddlers offering handfuls of feed to hungry twin lambs – the group will continue to attract big numbers into the future.

And that’s because they are supportive and keep it simple.

“We can meet anywhere with wine and coffee,” Ms Walker laughed as her twin daughters hurried past twin calves.

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Candidate question time: TAFE NSW

Dubbo Tafe. File. Today candidates for the Dubbo electorate talk about what they would like to see happen with TAFE NSW.
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TAFE has been a fixture in NSW education for more than 100 years and is seen as the leading provider of vocational education but some are concerned for its future.

As a result of rising costs, the government has opened vocational education to private providers and cut funding to TAFEs, while student fees have also increased There have been fears about the impacts on the Dubbo campus, students and local businesses.

We asked candidates if TAFE is still a relevant and affordable form of education and what they would do to ensure it remains viable into the future.

This is what they had to say.

Matt Parmeter – The Greens.

I eat bread. Love cakes. Get my hair cut. My car fixed. Have had power points installed at my home. Plumbing been done. This is TAFE in action.

We support TAFE being the primary, first-choice provider of vocational education and training (VET) in NSW, and remaining entirely in public hands, with the resources it needs to provide world-class training.

In Victoria, TAFE has been decimated. Funding that previously supported TAFE now goes to a numerous private organisations – the private provider model. Victorian TAFE only receives about one-quarter of vocational education funding.

Some private trainers may be reasonable. But we fear that many will not have the resources to give the depth and quality of training to students that TAFE can provide.

I want my power points to work properly; welds to be solid.

The Greens are campaigning hard to save TAFE. We will limit non TAFE providers to 20 per cent of the public funding pie. See www.johnkaye.org.au/ campaigns/save-tafe.

We reject the government’s Smart and Skilled reforms, which will see VET become less comprehensive, less useful and more expensive as dodgy third-party providers underbid TAFE for service provision by cutting teaching hours, increasing class sizes and decreasing the length of degrees.

If you want skilled, well trained people to provide services to you and your family, then support TAFE.

Troy Grant – National Party MP.

TAFE remains the NSW government’s, and our community’s, preferred public provider of vocational education and training. But we know TAFE needs to be more competitive and change will be part of that.

We are supportive of a system in which the best outcomes can be delivered for our students and the government’s Smart and Skilled reforms will help us achieve that.

This includes opening courses to other providers, to ensure students receive the best training at an affordable cost.

Colin Hamilton – Independent.

I would restore the funding cuts from the previous government.

I believe that TAFE is vital to rural areas for our school leavers and mature students to gain trade certificates and become employment ready.

TAFE is also crucial for those up-skilling to meet the needs of alternative employment.

Stephen Lawrence – Labor Party.

TAFE fees increased massively from 1 January 2015.

Fees are now up to $4000 for basic certificates, with 40 per cent of students now paying between $500 and $1500.

Apprentices will pay up to $2000 per course a year, up from $500.

I believe TAFE should be the mainstay of Vocational Education & Training in NSW.

This is the only way to ensure quality and maintain access, particularly in rural areas where TAFE is so important.

Labor will halt the government’s steady moves towards the privatisation of TAFE through capping the amount of public money that can go to private sector providers at 30 per cent.

This will stop NSW going down the Victorian path where the Liberal government gutted TAFE and allowed 70 per cent of money to be contestable by the private sector.

Labor will scrap the ironically titled Smart & Skilled policy and cap fees at 2014 levels indexed to inflation.

TAFE can provide amazing educational and training opportunities for school leavers but sadly it is becoming out of reach for so many young people.

The new fee schedule that started earlier this year has been devastating and no amount of government rhetoric can disguise that reality.

Every day until the NSW election on March 28, the Daily Liberal is quizzing the candidates for the seat of Dubbo on the big issues that will affect the region’s voters.

Community members can pinpoint the issues they believe all candidates should address in an email to [email protected]南京夜网.au.

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2015 Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival: Feast for the senses

FINE weather and a raft of entertainment drew a strong turnout to Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival events over the weekend and among the acts to delight those in attendance were “The Three Amigos (Plus Skippy)” troupe of Nathaniel Forward, Jose Rosales, Carlos Paredes and Elio Pagliarulo. Picture: Louise DongesTHE Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival officially launched with a rip-roaring river party on Friday night.
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2015 Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival: Feast for the senses ALL SMILES: Alina Lumena and Nelly Zahinda, both from Mildura, enjoy a night out at the arts festival launch on Friday. Picture: Louise Donges

JOINING FORCES: Wentworth artists Dorothy Adair, Clair Bates and Marg Whyte launched their collaborative exhibition in Wentworth at the weekend.

YOUNG ARTISTS: Rahmatullah Akbary, 11, Amir Houssain Jafari, 10, Roghayeh Jafari, 8, and Haniyeh Jafari, 13, took part in the Intertnational Women’s Day celebration at Jaycee Park yesterday. The event was run by Mildura’s Amnesty International branch and Art Mildura as part of the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival. Picture: Josephine Gibney

Isabel, 11, Felicity, 14, and Julie Kinnersly relax at the twilight farmers market on Friday evening.

Mildura’s Ryan Hammerton with his sons Elliott and Max on Friday night. Pictures: Louise Donges

Elaine Green, Damian Green and Ruth Hunter, from Fruits of Temptation at Curious Grace Cafe, were among stallholders to showcase their products at the twilight farmers market on Friday night, which officially launched this year’s Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival.

Melbourne’s Lidia and Daniel Zmole, with Naomi, 8, were among the large crowd at the official launch of the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival.

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