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LIVE: BBD grand final – Bendigo v Bendigo East

Bendigo and Bendigo East are fighting it out for the BBD division one title.7pm; All over here – Bendigo wins 102-83 to capture the 2015 flag.

In final rink Bendigo’s Barry Anset defeated Brad Holland 27-19.

6:57pm: Third rink completed.

Bendigo’s Gary Carberry defeats Paul Moller 27-15.

6:54pm: One very passionate East supporter doing his best to keep his side’s spirits up.

6:51pm; 3 ends to go. Bendigo leads 101-80.

Going to be a big night at the Bendigo Bowls Club tonight.

The lads will be up and about celebrating a flag.

6:40pm: Bendigo hit triple figures. Lead 100-79 after 95 ends.

6:35pm: All sting gone out of the game.

6:33pm: Crowd thinning right out now.

Bendigo up 98-79 after 94 ends.

6:26pm: 2nd rink completed.

Bendigos Andrew Brown defeats David Keenan 29-21.

Score was 16-8 Browns way after tea.

6:21pm: 10 ends to go. Bendigo leads 95-75.

6:18pm: First rink is finished, Liam Crapper scores a win for East.

Crapper defeated Ian Ross 28-19.

Crapper scored the last 15 shots, including 5 on the final end.

momentum ebbed and flowed all throughout that contest.

6;11pm; Bendigo leads 92-66 after 84.

6:05pm: Anset 23-13 over Holland after 18 ends.

Bendigo leads 92-65 in what has become a one-sided grand final.

6:02pm: Carberry leads Moller 23-13 after 21.

Brown leads Keenan 27-17 after 22.

6:01pm: Bendigo lead 87-65 after 81.

5:59pm: Crappers rink working hard to get East back into it.

just picked up 4 shots on 23rd end to take 22-19 lead over Ross.

4 straight eds for Crapper in which they have picked up 9 shots.

5:55pm: Anset 22-13 up over Holland after 17.

Bendigo lead by at least 7 in 3 of the rinks.

5:52pm: Brown extends Bendigos lead, picking up 3 shots v Keenan on 21st end. He leads 26-17.

Bendigo 86-61 in front.

5:51pm: Crapper back within one of Ross, who leads 19-18.

Crapper won last 3 ends.

5:45pm: Brown leads Keenan23-17.

Carbery leads Moller 20-11.

Anset leads Holland 21-13.

Ross leads Crapper 19-17.

5:44pm: Bendigo leads 83-58 after 76 ends, so we are into the last quarter now.

5:40pm; 3 shots to Crapper on 21st end cuts deficit against Ross to 2.

Ross leads 19-17.

5:37pm: Moller wins 2nd rink in a row over Carbery, but still 20-11 behind.

5:36pm: Bit of a rowdy crowd here making for great spectacle.

5:34pm: Brown takes 2 more shots for Bendigo over Keenan.

Leads 23-16 after 19 ends.

Scores is 10-3 Browns way since tea,

Bendigo up and about. Lead 82-53.

5:31pm; Crappers rink on board for first time since tea.

They won 20th end, but trail Ross 19-14.

5:27pm: Brown out to 21-16 lead over keenan after 18.

Bendigo leads 80-52 after 70.

5:26pm: Easts Moller wins 18th end over Carbery, but trails 20-10.

5:25pm; 2 more shots to Anset to take 20-13 advantage over Holland.

Anset is 11-2 since tea. #biggameplayer

5:22pm: Bendigo up 77-52 after 67 and bolting away to flag.

5:20pm; Another shot to Ross, holds 19-13 lead over Crapper.

Ross 10-0 now since team

East need to send a few men back behind the ball to stem the tide.

5;17pm: Bendigo leads 76-51.

Game over I reckon. Cant see East getting back from here.

Its 35-8 since tea,

5:14pm: Barry Anset, I tip my hat to you. Great bowl under pressure.

Ansets rink takes 5 shos against Holland to lead 18-13.

Twice in last 15 minutes Bendigo have picked up 5 shots.

5:13pm; This feels like Bendigo 4 goals up and kicking with breeze.

5:11pm: Ross extends lead over Crapper to 18-13.

His rink now 9-0 since smoko. #steppedup

5:08pm: 3 shots for Carbery on 16th and low leads 17-9 over Moller.

This getting very dangerous for East now.

Bendigo leads 66-51 after 63.

20 ends been played since smoko, Bendigo scored 25-8.

5:07pm: Massive – Brown just scores 5 on 17th end to take 20-16 lead over Keenan.

Big moment in this grand final.

5:05pm: Holland pulls a shot back for East, now tied 13-13 with Anset after 13.

5:03pm: Bendigo got all the momentum here.

5:01pm: Another shot to Ross, now 16-13 up over Crapper.

Had trailed 13-9 at smoko.

4:59pm: Bendigo scored 16 to 7 since smoko.

Barry Anset tips his hat to an outstanding bowl.

4:56pm: Bendigo leads 57-50 after 59 ends.

4:54pm: Carbery 14-9 over Moller after 15.

Keenan 16-15 over Brown after 16.

Anset 13-12 over Holland after 12.

4:53pm: Another shot for Ross, now leads Crapper 15-13.

Ross is 6-0 since smoko.

4:46pm; Bendigo 54 leads East 49 after 55.

4:45pm: Holland and Anset tied 12-all.

Ian Ross has hit front against Liam Crapper. Leads 14-13.

4:44pm: Easts Moller picks up 3 shots on 14th end.

Trails Carberry 13-9 now.

4:41pm: Andrew Brown getting the crowd up and going. Just nailed a big bowl on the 15th end.

Brown-Keenan all tied up at 15 after 15 ends. Nice ring to it.

4:38pm: Easts Crapper leads Ross 13-11 after 14.

Overall Bendigo leads East 49-46 after 51.

4:36pm: Easts Holland leads Ansett 12-11 after 10.

4:35pm: Gary Carberry all over Paul Moller at moment, leads 13-6 after 13 ends.

4:34pm: Ian Ross getting Bendigo up and about, pumping the lads up.

4:33pm: Brown picks up shot on Keenan.

Keenan leads 15-14 after 14.

4:27pm: Going to be a big night and a mad Monday at one of these clubs.

4:25pm: East leads 46-44 after 47 ends appraochin halfway mark of game.

4:24pm: Ian Ross picks up shot for Bendigo on 13th end v Liam Crapper.

Crapper leads 13-10.

4:22pm: Love watching Easts Crackers Keenan go about his business.

Big bowl there from Crackers, picks up 2 shots on 13th end.

Leads Brown 15-13.

4:17pm: Simon Chisholm bowling for Bendigo with a foot injuy from a cricket game.

4:16pm: Word is the greens are running at 17 seconds.

Apparently thats very quick. Normally run at 14 to 14.5 seconds.

4:14pm: Righto, here we go, back into it.

East 43 leads Bendigo 41.

Reckon I may watch Crackerjack tonight after this.

4:05pm: Great variety of sandwiches served up at smoko.

Notice a few players enjoying a half-time beer. How good is bowls.

3:56pm: At smoko Bendigo 41 trails East 43 after 43 ends.

Brown 13 v Keenan 13 after 12.

Carberry 10 v Moller 6 after 11.

Anset 9 v Holland 11 after 8.

Ross 9 v Crapper 13 after 12.

3:51: Awesome atmosphere here at South.

Do yourself a favour and get down for a look.

Got a great game unfolding as we are about to break for ome smoko.

3:50pm: Bendigo East earlier defeated Inglewood 86-56 in the midweek pennant grand final.

Good start to the day for East.

3:47pm: Big crowd in at South for the grand final.

Heres the state of play:

Andrew Brown (13) v David Keenan (13).

Gary Carberry (10) v Paul Moller (5).

BarryAnset (9) v Brad Holland (11).

ian Ross (9) v Liam Crapper (13).

Bendigo 41 trails East 42 after 42 ends.

THE Bendigo Bowls Division premiership is up for grabs at South Bendigo as Bendigo and Bendigo East lock horns.




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